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Managing Director
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Susan Fentress

Managing Director

Susan Fentress practices in the areas of intellectual property and biosciences. In particular, she has extensive experience in the preparation and prosecution of chemical and biotechnical patent applications, as well as medical diagnostics, medical imaging agents, food technologies, agricultural products, disposable medical and personal devices, and natural and veterinarian products. In addition, she is knowledgeable on FDA and transactional issues related to generic drugs, and she has experience in international and U.S. regulatory issues related to design, production and distribution of medical devices.

Ms. Fentress is passionate about educating others. Since 2010, she has been an adjunct professor in the graduate program at Christian Brothers University School of Engineering. In addition, Ms. Fentress is a seasoned veteran when it comes to public speaking. She served as a moderator for the Licensing Executive Society’s annual conference in 2008 and participated in two web seminars hosted by Harris Shelton – one pertaining to regulatory and legal issues related to natural products and the other related to animal products. She has also been featured in The Commercial Appeal in an article titled “Attorney Sees Asian Power as a Land Opportunity.”


National and international speaker with appearances at:
-National Business Institute, topic: “Intellectual Property and Patents”
-Tennessee Biotech Association annual meeting, topic: “Chinese Patent Law”
-Global Alliance of the Indian Biomedical Professional annual conference, topic: “Risk -Management Issues with Global Development of Biomedical Products”
-General Counsel Institute, topic: “Taming the Intellectual Property Beast: Views from India and China”
-American International Property Law Association (China), topic: “Protection of Pharmaceuticals”
-American Chemical Society’s Chemistry and the Law Symposium (joint regional meeting) topic: “Comparison of Patent Protection for Chemical Inventions among Canada, U.S. and Europe”
-Nanjing, PRC, topic: “First Steps to America. A Legal Consulting Seminar for Investment and Trade in the U.S.”
-International Drug Discovery Science and Technology Conference (Shanghai, China), topic: “Patent Related Issues for Products Imported in the United States”
-Hong Kong Science Park, topic: “Cost Efficient Patent Litigation in the U.S.”


-“Protection of IP in China through Contracts and Good Business Practices” in the Journal of Licensing, Fall 2008
-“Patent Protection in China: Myth Versus Reality” in the Tennessee Young Lawyer, Volume 1: Issue 4, Summer 2006
-“Lessons to be Learned from the Dispute Over the Chinese Patent related to Viagra” in the Genetic Engineering News,September 2007


Marquette University Law School, J.D., 1983
Marquette Law Review, member
The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 1983
24 graduate credits in molecular biology
The University of Wisconsin, B.S. in biochemistry and psychology, 1980


Tennessee, 2004
United States Patent and Trademark Office, 1984


Ed Charbonnet

Technical Advisor

Ed Charbonnet has spent almost 50 years working in various areas of the Information Technology Industry. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1971 from the University of Notre Dame. Most of his career has been spent in software rather than hardware, developing techniques to integrate dissimilar computer systems together so they work in harmony.

Early in his career he led teams that developed terminal and communications controllers in the 70’s and advanced to lead projects for Parts, Inc. that developed Point-of-Sale and Inventory Control systems in over 1200 automobile parts stores and several dozen warehouses. By the middle 1980’s – long before the internet existed – they had these store and warehouse systems very tightly integrated over phone lines and thereby had automated the ordering and purchasing systems so that over 80% of orders no longer involved manual entry. He advanced then into the field of developing company central data warehouse and analytical systems.

Other than the auto parts business he has spent time in the IT aspects of the pharmacy industry, nursing home industry and food manufacturing and distribution. He has been a President/part-owner of a small software company, CIO for a nursing home company and Director for a food company. He has been deeply involved in projects to install Oracle Apps and SAP apps. He currently is VP for Development at Amador of America where he has been interfacing mature COBOL applications to Tablets, portable bar code scanners, cloud based data sources, web pages, email, texting along with highly integrated interfaces to suppliers and customers across the internet. A key element of the environments he has developed is the ability to remotely perform administrative duties on the disbursed systems thereby relieving business personnel from the pain of having to perform complex technical support functions.

A large portion of his career was devoted to architecting and overseeing the implementation of systems first using proprietary minicomputer hardware such as those made by Data General Corporation and then he migrated into the Windows, Unix and Linux environments on Intel based platforms starting in the 1990’s.

With the advent of the Internet, multi-level integration became even more efficient so that sub-systems such as Order Entry cannot only look at the Store’s local inventory but can rapidly also interrogate the inventory at various warehouses and decide the best source for the items. Texting, emailing, tablets and web pages are all now integrated into the basic business systems allowing status of important events to be monitored from anywhere the Internet is available.

And as an aside, Ed mentors basic electronics and Lego robotics at two of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis and “First Robotics” competitions at White Station High School.